• Asana Breakdown

    Trainees will be provided a general overview of the human body, with brief discussions on human physiology. With this basic understanding of anatomy and its terms, trainees will delve deeper into each of the postures taught in traditional hot yoga classes.
  • Sequence Structure

    As teachers-in-training of such a specific yoga practice, it is important that students have a thorough understanding of why the asanas are placed in the order that they are in the hot room. In this module, we will also discuss the appropriate modifications or alternative asana suggestions for students with special needs, such as rotator cuff injuries, pregnancy, etcetera.
  • Studio and Room Management

    Trainees will learn the basic principles of maintaining a traditional hot yoga room environment. With practice in studio, students will learn to read and adjust various mechanisms to monitor humidity, heating/cooling systems. They will also be taught and given practice to follow: studio opening/closing procedures, student check-in, supply management, reception area and yoga studio maintenance.
  • In-Tandem Teaching

    Throughout the course trainees are asked to set aside time once a week for hands-on practicum. This begins with an observation period when students begin to develop their awareness of what happens in a hot class, but now as a teacher-in-training. We then transition into opportunities for trainees to assist during classes using hands-on adjustments. These steps prepare you to tandem teach a real body of students. Tandem teaching is both a unique, and what we consider an essential part to the success of the program. While most trainings only permit you to practice with fellow trainees, we feel the experience of working with actual classes gives you an honest perspective of what works and doesn't work in the hot room. You have the opportunity to explore and develop your own language and way of being in the room, all the while having a knowledgeable instructor by your side to help along the way.